General Information


Fees will be revised in January. Term children – payments begin at the end of January and are payable each month thereafter until the end of October if you choose 10 payments or until the end of November if you choose 11 payments – the choice is yours, but the fees must be paid promptly. Full time children pay over 12 months.

Should any fees become outstanding you will receive a formal account. Should there be no response within the following month your child will not be allowed to attend school and the account will immediately be handed over to our lawyers. Please visit our fees page for more information

Lost & Found

Please do see that the children’s clothes are clearly marked – it makes the sorting out at mid-day a lot easier. There is a "Lost Property" table – please do check it from time to time if your child’s clothes are missing.

Baker’s Day

For the information of our new parents – baker’s day is a fundraiser and most Fridays we have a baker’s day where one child in each of the groups is elected to be “Baker” and in good time Mummy will receive a letter to say your child is to be the baker and on which date, together with the number of children in his class to cater for.

We ask that Mom please provide eats for the children in his/her group on that specified
Friday. We ask all children to bring R2-00 for this weekly event and the money raised is
used to renew or replace play equipment.

Telephone Numbers and Security

Parents must please make sure that the school is updated with newest telephone/cell numbers. It sometimes happens that the school has to contact you urgently and we cannot reach any of the parents if the phone numbers on our forms are quite outdated.

It is very important to inform us if someone else, other than the usual folk, will be fetching your child – this can cause confusion both for your child and concern for us. The same applies for when your child will be fetched at a different time to what is the usual – just inform us. On admission you will be given the code of the gate, please keep this confidential.


Parents please don’t forget that when your child must have medicine during the school day, these must be handed to one of the teachers or can be handed in at the kitchen, clearly labelled. We have implemented a Medicine Book to ensure that medicine is correctly administered, please complete the necessary documentation. At the end of the day it can be collected again from the teacher on duty.


It has always been the rule at Sunnybank that unless a child brings breakfast there is no need for additional "lunch". If your child has eaten a good breakfast then the tea and toast at mid-morning is sufficient to eat until they either go home or eat lunch which is served at 12h00. If your child complains of being hungry, then a sandwich or fruit is sufficient to stave off any hunger pains.

NO "chips", "sweets" etc! – all children eat enough sweets when they are at home – they do not need to bring these to school. There are many parents who kindly obey this rule, but from time to time the child will win the battle! We know it is hard, but this is a very necessary rule.


A big "no-no". Sorry, but it causes a great deal of sadness if children bring toys to school, especially if they are new and they want to show their friends! It causes great unhappiness when they "share" with their friends and the toys get broken, or even worse, disappear into another schoolbag! Please Mums, be strict about this – it is a discipline that children must learn.


Children should come to school in neat, durable clothes, in which they feel comfortable and which will allow them to be active on the playground. Clothes must be washable as some activities tend to be rather dirty – painting etc. If we plan an activity where their clothes will definitely soil, like dam building or mud playing, we will inform them beforehand to wear old clothes.

Their clothes should also be in accordance to the weather – rather pack extra warm clothes if you are not sure what the weather will do.

One last thing, please ensure that the clothing is approppiate for a child – it has to cover their little bodies decently and not be too revealing. Also ensure that your child wears underclothes! Children who are still potty training must bring enough nappies, wet-wipes and underclothes to school.


This is a necessity to keep your child’s very important EXTRA SET OF CLOTHES in and to help them learn to be responsible for their possessions.

Message Books

This is our “post box”. Information is sent home. Please read newsletters. Return message book to school the next day..

Birthday Celebrations

This can of course be celebrated at school, but is optional and not a fast rule. Their friends rejoice in the birthday-boy or girl’s happiness. Your child’s teacher can provide you with a list of names of the children in the class. Small cup cakes and chips are usually sufficient. If you want to provide a party pack, there must be enough and it must be ready packed and marked. It gets handed out to the friends as they go home.


We change our themes each week. The purpose of themes is to widen the understanding and experience for the children on the subject chosen. Please do help your child by discussing the topic with him or her as well and if you can contribute any knowledge or display pictures we would always be most appreciative.


Parents will always be informed of an outing by way of a letter. A child will NOT be taken on any outing if we do not have your written consent.